The Jonathon Marshall Falconry Experience

Jonathan Marshall has earned his reputation as the UK's top display falconer over many years on the show circuit. He regularly performs at the countries largest game and country fairs and has been the headline attraction at the British Falconry Fair and the Festival of Falconry for the last 3 years.

His displays are breathtaking  and entertaining  and he combines  unique falconry skills with superb showmanship. He is a master in the art of lure swinging and often flies two falcons to the same lure simultaneously.

The stars of the shows include highly trained Hawks, Falcons and Eagles which perform amazing aerial manoeuvres and display incredible agility and speed.         

'Falconry is an art. I believe that like dance, sword fencing or bull fighting it should be presented in a way that engages and thrills the audience.'