The Iceman Cometh To Dorset County Show 2015

Just as Daniel Craig’s rugged good looks, rippling muscles and trim physique make him the ‘British Blonde’ heartthrob of humankind, so the cattle fraternity has its bovine equivalent.  Iceman, a British Blonde Bull is already creating a considerable stir amongst the south west cattle population, and despite his tender age of just two and half years, is causing heifers to go weak at the knees.

For the first time ever, Iceman is to make a guest appearance at Dorset County Show 2015.

Robin Joyce of Moigne Combe Farm, Crossways, Dorchester, is the proud owner of this multi award-winning bull and explains the characteristics that make Iceman the pin-up of the female British Blonde community

‘Lean muscles, strong shoulders, sturdy feet and legs are his key attributes. So far, even though he’s still very young, he is proving very reliable in the field and that always helps!  Iceman is pretty chilled most of the time.  He’s happy to hang out at this time of year at shows, eating his cow cake and brewer’s grains and going for walks to stretch his legs. ‘

British Blondes can be traced back as far as the middle-ages, when they were used to pull carts carrying weapons and goods.  They are large strong cattle with a docile nature and very easy to keep.  British Blonde heifers give birth easily and have calves which grow quickly and live for a long time. 


Visitors to the Dorset County Show will be invited to guess the weight of Iceman.  Each guess will cost £1.00 which will be donated to the Breast Cancer Charity, Breast Cancer Now.  The entrant who guesses closest to Iceman’s actual weight will win £50.00. 

Iceman can be located in the cattle tent at the Dorset County Show.

Dorset County Show
1st Sep 2015 16:00:00

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