Jackie Hunt Creative Glass Design

Jackie designs and makes glass panels, large and small, using traditional and contemporary techniques: painting, staining, sand-blasting, leading, silk-screen printing and kiln-forming.

Her background is fine art, history and landscape design; she uses these skills to develop her work, gathering inspiration from the natural world, the layering process of history, and the medium of glass itself. She has been working with glass for over twenty years.

Jackie’s work is varied, ranging from small decorative domestic pieces to large public artworks, using simple, striking patterns and textures; fluid, layered detail.

She also teaches short courses in stained glass in Dorset, Somerset, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

At the Dorset County Show she will be showing examples of her work and the techniques she uses. There will be a variety of pieces for sale, together with a range of information about the work, the processes and her courses.