Bagnell Rustic Burger Co Ltd

It is with a joint passion that both Bagnell Farm and Bagnell Rustic Burgers bring to you a gourmet experience to outside catering. Bagnell's reputation is to raise animals on the best quality grass and feed which in turn provides the best standard of meat for our customers to enjoy.

Bagnell Rustic Burgers, takes that quality meat, along with some of the best ingredients to create a burger sensation. Their experience is reflected in how the burgers are cooked, how they are presented and also what best accompanies these burgers to bring out these gastronomic delights. 

Bagnell Rustic Burgers will be offering Bespoke handmade burgers, minute steaks, chips. Breakfasts - handmade sausage patties, bacon & eggs. Hot & cold drinks.