Handmade Cornish Pasties

At Handmade Cornish Pasties Ltd. we truly love making genuine traditional Cornish pasties for our customers. We have been doing it a long time!

  • With over 20 years of experience we have mastered the art of baking, packing and delivering a mouth-watering range of traditional and modern pasties. We use genuine British ingredients and make our pasties in genuine Cornish bakeries.
  • We have customers in every county and love to meet you in person when we travel to your city or village. Our customers queue up at shows and events just so they can be the first to have their pasty hot from the oven.
  • We are excited to be able to offer that same experience when you order from our website too!
  • We can cater for your wedding, office feast, birthday party or individual order. Many of our customers order regularly and benefit from our volume discount pasty packages.