London China Co

The London China Company has been established for over 30 years, where we originally demonstrated china and glass items made in the UK, at markets and events. When the UK pottery industry closed down, we then expanded our merchandise and moved into presenting other kitchen gadgets and household products.

We now import our own products from all over the world and sell directly through mail order, TV shopping channels, and around 40 shows per year, including county and specialist exhibitions, as well as the BBC Good Food shows, the Ideal Home Show, and Grand Design.

In 2004 the business diversified, and we started to represent other companies from abroad, selling their products and promoting the brands direct to the public and on TV. In 2006 LCC Show & T.V. Promotions was formed to encompass more what we are about.

We have very close links with media shopping channels and now sell many of our products through QVC, Ideal World TV, and Tri-Star in the UK.

In the UK we now promote many other companies’ products including Berghoff Worldwide (Belgium), Versatile Housewares(USA), Genius Products (Germany) etc.