Matt Adkins of Glass Relief

Handmade glassware inspired by the Dorset coast, established in 2012.

Matthew and Estelle have grown their arts and crafts business to sell via galleries, online and at some of the UK's best art shows.

After Living in London due to work commitments, in 2016 they decided to relocate their business to Dorset. Their new location means popping to the coast for inspiration is a weekly must.

 Estelle Connan has a MA in International Trade and Supply Chain and has over 10 years working experience in her chosen field.  Estelle's focus is to offer our customers, gallery owners, and interior designers an efficient, friendly and responsive service.  Estelle is also heavily involved in the design process giving Matthew a healthy critic over product, quality and company vision.

 Matthew Adkins is bringing his experiences and knowledge from the architectural glass industry to develop this exciting new range of products. Matthew received a Ceramics and Glass degree in 2002, where the foundations for his love of glass making were forged.