Dorset Blue

Dorset Blue Vinny cheese could once be found in nearly every farmhouse in the county.  It was an ideal way of using the 'left-over' milk after the cream had been skimmed off for butter-making.

As a result the cheese had a very low fat content which was typically very hard, dry and crumbly, with little or no blue.  The blueing in those days was encouraged by a number of methods, for example dragging mouldy horse harnesses through the milk before adding the rennet, storing the cheese on damp hessian bags  or even next to mouldy boots.  You may be relieved to know that we no longer resort to any of these methods but instead the blue is introduced by means of a blue mould solution.

We use the milk straight from our own herd of 270 friesian cows. Once the milk is pastuerised, it is ready to be used to make the cheese. 

Dorset Blue Vinny takes over 24 hours to make.  Starter is added in the first instance to our skimmed milk, then the vegetarian rennet and finally a penicillin mould which helps ensure the blueing of the cheese.